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Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers
The merry-go-round

Music : Alf Hoffmann

Text : Monika Reimers                                                                                            ca 52 min

Summary :

Long ago a merry-go-round with many animal figures used to stand in a city. It belonged to an old lady. She could tell many storiesabout herself and the roundabout. This concert tells these stories in music and words.

Orchestra :

Fl/Picc, Ob., Cl., Fag., Pos.,


Soloviol., Vl 1, Vl 2, Vla., Vc., Cb.



Compositions by Alf Hoffmann

roundabout music 1

interludium 1

roundabout music 2

the dream,

foreign countries pentatonic

interludium 2

final roundabout music

Transcriptions by Alf Hoffmann :

Beethoven - rage over the lost “groschen” (cent)

Gioacchino Rossini - Duet for two cats

Georges Boulanger - Pizzicato –Waltz

bert Schumann - about other countries and peoples,

Scott Joplin - Ragtime Dance

Original compositions :

Yoshizawa Kengyo - “Chidori” ( Koto as special instrument in my “Premiere”-but for your program you also can introduce another interesting instrument to the audience)

Joh. Seb. Bach - Badinerie

Antonio Vivaldi - 3. movement “The summer ”

The scores and the orchestral parts will be available for rental from Alf Hoffmann


Konzerthaus Dortmund

Dortmunder Opernhaus

Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen

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