Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers

Music : Alf Hoffmann

Text : Monika Reimers                                                                                            ca 51 min

Summary :

A long time ago. Bobo lives on a farm on the outskirts of a small city. In spring and summer he has to watch over the cows. He mostly likes taking them to a nearby mountain. Often he sits under a large old oak and plays his flute or - as now - carves a birthday gift for his mother. It gets late. Because he cannot find the stubborn cow “Liese” Bobo forgets to take the gift from under the old oak. So he secretly creeps back up the mountain in the middle of the night. A group of exhausted musicians who have failed to reach the town before nightfall, have got lost in the dark and are very relieved to meet Bobo. As a result they pitch their camp on the mountain. But late at night another two figures show up at the old oak with instrument boxes on their backs. Could the figures be musicians? No! - Two robbers drag their booty in instrument cases to a hiding place under the old oak. The next day the musicians from the camp are suspected of robbery by the townsfolk. But Bobo is able to release the musicians and PC Strict catches the robbers in the evening near the old oak where they are fighting over the booty.

The secret of the old oak

Orchestra :

Fl/Picc., Ob., Cl., Fag., Baßpos.

Vl 1, Vl 2, Vla., Vc., Cb.,

2 Git. or 1 Piano, Perc.,

1 Singer ( Bass)


Chamber music :

Fl/Picc., Cl., Perc., Piano, Vl., Vc., Cb., Text

The scores and the orchestral parts will be available for rental from Alf Hoffmann

Performances i.a.:

Dortmunder Opernhaus

Schweiz Collegium Musicum Urdorf - in Schweizerdeutscher Mundart

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