Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers


Music : Alf Hoffmann

Text : Monika Reimers                                                                                            ca 52 min

English translation: Roy Kift

Summary :

It is autumn and the small circus “Maroni” has given its last performance. Pina, the daughter of the circus director, has had her premiere as an artist rider. After this performance, the circus tent was taken down and the circus people set out for their winter accommodation in a nearby village. They relax over the winter in the large barn belonging to Robin and his mother. First they repair everything for the animals. Then they train and practice juggling etc . When the village children in the school meet the circus children dissensions arise caused by Hoskins and his gang. The gang outline a plan which they intend to carry out on a cold December night. But everything turns out differently, and Hoskins is forced to learn a hard lesson. A close friendship develops between Robin and Pina. Finally they are successful in making friends with Hoskins and his gang.

Orchestra :

Fl./ Picc., Cl., Fag., Baßpos.

Viol. 1 u. 2, Viola, Vc., Cb.




Chamber music :

Viol. 1 u. 2, Viola, Vc., Cb., Piano, Perc. ad lib., Text

The scores and the orchestral parts will be available for rental from Alf Hoffmann

performances i.a.:

Konzerthaus Dortmund

Tonhalle Düsseldorf

Dortmunder Opernhaus

Bochumer Symphoniker

WDR Produktion  (WDR 5 )

Theater Ulm

Theater Pforzheim

Theater Lüneburg

Theater Plauen-Zwickau

Theater Regensburg

Theater Würzburg

Theater Osnabrück


Theater Zeitz

Aurelium Lappersdorf bei Regensburg

CD - production

CD - production of the performance at the Operahouse Dortmund with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra

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Languages available : English, German.

On request the text, can be translated into your language.