Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers

Audio :
Whilst the small travelling circus “Maroni” is preparing to set off for its winter quarters, Pina is looking back nostalgically on her last performance as a bareback rider. This time she is allowed to ride with her father, a circus director, in the large tractor at the front of the convoy, but the engine refuses to spring into action.
At last it starts and the journey begins. Soon they are looking down from a hill onto the village in which they will pass the winter.

They will be staying with Robin and his mother at the end of the village. There is a large barn there with a meadow for the animals. Everyone is busy running around backwards and forwards. Above all the animals have to be unloaded and taken to their appointed place.

The circus pig attempts to flee but is captured once more by one of the agile circus boys. He makes a real circus number of it.

Robin is allowed to ride a camel.

Work is going on everywhere in order to make the winter quarters habitable. People are banging, hammering and sawing around the whole barn. Water was being pumped up out of an old deep spring with a squeaky hand pump. Evening arrives and peace descends.

Two tired and happy children - Robin und Pina - sat in front of the barn.

The next day the circus children meet the village children in the school. A small gang of children - Hoskins, Ricky and the tiny, fat Leo treat the circus children as if they do not exist. The gang plans to meet in the wood that afternoon in order to spy on the circus. Hoskins is looking for trouble…
Pina is practising complicated new tricks on her horse in the meadow. Hoskins, Ricky and Leo creep up on her. Leo chokes on a sweet, frightening Pina´s horse and causing her to fall. When Hoskins adds to this by throwing stones into the meadow, Pina takes her horse back to the barn.

The village children try to tame a pig belonging to one of the farmers, but the pig refuses to co-operate. When one of the boys tries to ride it, he gets his comeuppance by landing on his stomach in the pig swill. Working with animals is an art!

In the meantime a small circus arena has been constructed in the barn. The circus artists practise there every day: acrobatics, juggling and working with animals. And then there’s a circus clown with his instruments; he can play a trill on many instruments but still needs to do a lot of work on the trombone.

On a cold December night Hoskins, Ricky and Leo creep up to the barn with a long ladder. Leo is meant to keep watch, Ricky is supposed to cause chaos in the barn, and Hoskins climbs up onto the barn roof in order to get to the tight rope and trapeze. But things turn out differently. Hoskins falls off the roof and injures himself.

As a result of the noise all the lights go on in the circus caravans and Ricky and Leo run away in horror. The circus folk bring the injured Hoskins to the village doctor.

Hoskins is lying at home with his leg in plaster when he receives a visit from Robin and the circus children. The circus children invite Hoskins, Ricky and Leo to Pina´s birthday party in the barn.

The weather gets cold and colder so that it is no longer possible to practise in the barn. Every day the circus director writes a lot of letters to villages and parishes in order to get enough bookings for the circus during the summer.

Pina´s birthday. Pina was greeted in the arena by the circus folk and the village people with a round of “Happy birthday to you”.

When the days begin to grow longer the circus folk prepare to get back on the road. In the barn preperations are made for the dress rehearsal before the first performance of the new season. All the villagers are invited to attend the dress rehearsel. Afterwards there is a large party with food, drink and dancing.

Everyone is convinced that the Circus Maroni will come back to the village next year. Pina and Robin are already looking forward to the following winter.

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