Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers
Fly, my kite - fly!

Orchestra :

Fl./ Picc., Ob., Cl., Fag., Basspos., Tromp., Schlagz.,

Viol. 1 u. 2, Viola, Vc., Cb., Harp or Piano or Harp and Piano, Text.

Great Orchestra:

2Fl./ Picc., 2Ob./Cor ingl., 3Cl., 1Cl.basso, 2Fag.,1Contrafag,

3 Corni, 2 Trombe., 3 Tromboni, 1 Tromb.-basso, 1 Tuba, Harp, Piano, 2 Timpani,

Vl1, Vl2 ,Vla ,Vc, Cb and Text

The scores and the orchestral parts will be available for rental from Alf Hoffmann

Performances i.a.:

Konzerthaus Dortmund

Opernhaus Dortmund

Tonhalle Düsseldorf

Singapur, Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Bundesgartenschau Dortmund

Bochumer Symphoniker

Wuppertaler Sinfonieorchester

Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha - Suhl

Opernhaus Darmstadt

Theater Lippstadt

Folkwang Hochschule Essen

Zeche Zollern Dortmund zur Drachenausstellung von U. Gryzbeck (Avantgarde Drachen Gevelsberg)

Westfälisches Industriemuseum Henrichshütte Hattingen (Drachenausstellung von U. Gryzbeck)

CD - Production Theater Dortmund

View material and demo - CD on request

Music : Alf Hoffmann

Text : Monika Reimers                                                                                            ca 40 min

English translation: Roy Kift


This piece tells the story of Selene and her kite. Selene has been given the kite as a present and wants to take part in a large kite festival which is taking place on the beach the next day. But she can’t wait that long and wants to fly it immediately. Unfortunately she has not reckoned with stormy weather, thunder and lightning. The forces of nature tear the tiny kite away leaving a desolate Selene behind. But not only kites can fly. People can do so too. For they can overcome all barriers and restrictions in their thoughts, their dreams and their fantasies.

Selene flies after the kite in a dream-like fantasy - over bald mountains and deserts into the far east world. At the end Selene awakes from her dreams, the thunderstorm comes to an end and the small kite returns.©2021

Languages available : English, German.

On request the text, can be translated into your language.