Alf Hoffmann 

children‘s concerts - family concerts
Texts:  Paul Maar, Monika Reimers

Audio :

The kite soared into the air rapidly and yet peacefully, higher and higher!

Dark thunder clouds were gathering, the wind began to howl, whirling sand up into the air and whirling the kite too

Selene returned sadly to her holiday home at the forest lake

crouching under its protective roof.

The wind is the only thing that can be heard. It drives the sand before it, hot desert sand.

Strange music strikes up and young men carry all sorts of different kites past the jubilant crowd into the middle of the square.
The annual Spring kite festival is being celebrated.

Silk butterfly-shaped kites dance like colourful butterflies and sway backwards and forwards in the wind.

Now something very special is being prepared for flight : Six strong young men are wrestling with a gigantic kite.

The little kite, carried by the breeze sank slowly to the earth. Selene ran to meet it, speechless with joy, took the line and spun around and around with her kite. The long tail wound itself like a garland around Selene until she finally sank to the ground on the wet grass dizzy and full of joy.

the successful startAudioFly_my_kite_files/Successful%20start.mp3
the desert
the sad returnAudioFly_my_kite_files/sadreturn.mp3
the thunderstormAudioFly_my_kite_files/Thunderstorm1.mp3
the kite festival
the butterfly kitesAudioFly_my_kite_files/Butterflykites.mp3
the gigantic kiteAudioFly_my_kite_files/Singdrakite.mp3